About us

Caramella Watt is an italian study specialized in projects related to the world of childhood.
An editorial challenge is a journey long the imagination and creativity, we like to think that we accompany children in their emotional growth, intellectual and creative, in compliance with the myriad forms of life that surround us.

Caramella Watt invents interactive books make to dream the children, amplifying their emotional and cognitive experience, always in search of poetry and dreams.

Secret recipe for a sincere app by Caramella Watt

a sprinkling of morning rain
a sip of tea in a cup that I like
a tour of the globe in a second
a bike ride .. fast, fast, fast
the cry of a child, the son of my neighbor
some kitchen tool .... to first
the purring of my cat sleeping over a bag

Original illustrations, graphic concept
and development by  Caramella Watt


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