learn about road safety the fun way

Road safety education in the classroom


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A digital-learning project for primary schools
A project of e-learning in collaboration with the Municipality of Pavia

Each page offers colorful designs and interactive animation whit sounds  by simply touching the multi-touch display.
Learn by playing in a world of road signs, crossings, rights of precedence, etc. ...
Ring the bell on your bike, indicate with your arm when to turn and ... is the light red or green? You decide!
The text of the story is read by a voice, but it is also written on the screen, you can read it over again, learning something new everytime.

Explore together each page, using all the elements alone, with teachers or with mum and dad. Learn to explore the entire screen of the tablet just by touching the objects.
- children learn to become self-educated informed citizens in a context of social life
- the child cyclist
- the child pedestrian
- knowledge of the road rules
- awerness of dangerous situations
- know what todo in dangerous situations

- italian language
- narrative voice
- interactive animations
- simple and intuitive interface
- original and colorful graphics

- original music
- interactive sounds
- small comics

- no in-app-purchase
- no advertising
- No timer or score points

Original illustrations, graphic concept
and development by  Caramella Watt

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