Cute Snow Stamps

Have fun and unleash your creativity with this very nice game. You can "stamp" the screen of your tablet with lots of little delicious characters: a sleepy polar bear, the little Inuit child with his sledding, a very nice reindeer, sea waves, small trees and much more.
Stroll through the snow-covered areas, leaving your coloured footprints (small hands, feet, paws bear or paws puffin ...).

Buzzword: fun!

Available soon on

This App consists of an interactive and animated table, specifically designed for pre-schoolers, designed and developed to stimulate the imagination and amplify your child's creativity.

Cute Snow Stamps is part of the educational series The incredible journeys by Sea.

- interactive animations
- simple and intuitive interface
- original and colorful graphics

- original music
- interactive sounds
- no in-app-purchase

- no advertising
- no timer or score points

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