Little Steam Submarine

Start with us a fantastic adventure in the mysterious underwater world. On board the Little Steam Submarine can visit the wonderful and colorful Australian Barrier Reef: the turtles swim happily, seahorses cavort here and there among shells, coral and starfish ... But what do they do all day little sailors of the submarine steam? Jump in and see how much fun and amazing life as a wolf of the sea!

Play, touch, explore, learn and invent!

This App consists of a interactive and animated table, is specifically designed for preschoolers, designed and developed to stimulate the imagination and amplify your child's creativity.

The Little Steam Submarine is part of the educational series The incredible journeys by Sea.

- interactive animations
- simple and intuitive interface
- original and colorful graphics

- original music
- interactive sounds
- no in-app-purchase

- no advertising
- no timer or score points

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