Life in the Village of Portfun is very lively, you never get bored. Have you ever tried to kitesurf on the turbulent waters of the Atlantic Ocean? Fantastic waves and lots of fun, but you need to try and avoid the buoy, the pylon and the poor seagull! And then the cruise ship, the speedboat and the great lighthouse ..it’s night light indicates the direction to follow!

Play, touch, explore, learn and invent!

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This App consists of an interactive and animated table, specifically designed for pre-schoolers, designed and developed to stimulate the imagination and amplify your child's creativity.

Portfun is part of the educational series The incredible journeys by Sea.

- interactive animations
- simple and intuitive interface
- original and colorful graphics

- original music
- interactive sounds
- no in-app-purchase

- no advertising
- no timer or score points

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