Deep Sea

In the great sea inhabit many mysterious and amazing creatures, dive to!
Explore with the shuttle "Deep Sea" the immense Pacific Ocean, challenge the deep sea and you will live a wonderful adventure, amazing shoals of fish swim with you, tuna fish, angel fish, hammerhead shark, the great whale and from deep blue emerges also the fearsome shark ... but those big teeth! And there are also underwater volcanoes?

Play, touch, explore, learn and invent!

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This App consists of a interactive and animated table, is specifically designed for pre-schoolers, designed and developed to stimulate the imagination and amplify your child's creativity.

Deep Sea is part of the educational series The incredible journeys by Sea.

- interactive animations
- simple and intuitive interface
- original and colourful graphics

- original music
- interactive sounds
- no in-app-purchase

- no advertising
- no timer or score points

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